Gutter Cap

Gutter Cap

Gutter Cap

Gutter Cap Inc, a leader in gutter protection since 1993, has not only had the most effective system available, but has always had a concern for the curb appeal of the home. They were the first in 2003 to introduce a no fade finish on their gutter protection.

Gutter Cap’s latest innovation uses roof granules in the finish to the gutter cap to blend in with the roof line seamlessly. Gutter Cap Stone Coat becomes not only a gutter protection, but the first row of shingles on your home.

How Gutter Cap Works

Gutter Cap’s patented design uses liquid physics, combining surface tension, cohesion and adhesion, allowing rainwater to adhere to the dome of the cap while leaves and debris, even pine straw, simply blow off the roof. The existing gutters become a free-flowing roof drainage system, saving you the hassle and danger of cleaning gutters and saving you thousands of dollars in damage each year.

Gutter Cap Advantage=

The Gutter Cap design is proven to work far better than traditional screens and vinyl caps. Screens quickly clog with small twigs, leaves, pine needles and debris, and cave in from snow and ice. Gutter Cap allows gutters to work at full capacity as a free-flowing system. Vinyl caps collapse and clog at bending points and opening slots, and are hard to protect from small animals. Gutter Cap is a closed, one-piece aluminum gutter protection system.


Gutter Cap can be installed on most roofs with a pitch range of 2/12 to 12/12, including mansard roofs. Maintenance-free Gutter Cap does not fasten with clips or brackets and can be installed over existing gutters. It also extends the life of the gutters and increases the value of your home while preserving its “curb appeal”.

Protect Your Gutters
with gutter capĀ® today!


X-10 metal alloy

Heavy gauge thickness – .025

Luxemburgh bends

Low profile = great curb appeal

Curved nose design

Cantilevered ledge

Patented water channeling system

Exclusive tab support system

Accepts up to 14″ of rain an hour

Gutter Cover

Rain Gutter Cap


Lifetime warranties (clogs & material)

Maintenance free system

Extends the life of the gutters

Custom fits to existing gutters

Prevents ladder accidents

End caps keep out animals

Transferable warranty

Protects against ice and snow

No more standing water = no more insects